French Bulldog Scheduled To Be Killed For Meat Rescued

French Bulldog Scheduled To Be Killed For Meat Rescued

It is quite disheartening to learn that human beings in some parts of the world eat dogs as meat. One such place is some areas in China. Fortunately, there are people working day and night to end it.

Slaughterhouse Survivors is a rescue organization dedicated to helping dogs from falling victim to such barbaric acts. Recently, volunteers at the rescue saved a French bulldog named Pearl.

The dog was found and rescued from a meat truck, where she was scheduled to be killed. The volunteers found Pearl in bad shape. She was also missing one of her legs.

Although they doubted she would survive, they were determined to do everything possible to give her a fighting chance. After some TLC, Pearl was poised for recovery. They took her to California to continue on her recovery journey.

The California Road Dogs, a foster home, took Pearl in. Initially, she was uncomfortable and had difficulty fitting in. But with a little help, she quickly adjusted. Her foster mum, Leah, soon realized she was a good dog who was easy to deal with and got along well with other dogs in the home.

It didn’t take long before someone came along and adopted her. A veterinarian saw her photo and knew they would be a good fit.

Image Credit: YouTube

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