Frightened Bald Dog Gave His Rescuer A Look That Melted Everyone's Hearts...

Some people have a special calling to be animal rescuers. Whether we belong to a rescue organization, or simply take our own initiative to help those in dire need, we are equally as important.

Our four-legged friends cannot speak for themselves and most of the time they did not have an option but to be in the state in which they are found. Lost and abandoned, these dogs seek the helping hand we have to offer. One particular man, Calvin Tucker, has come to the rescue of numerous furry faces out of the kindness of his own heart. Calvin recently rescued a tiny grey kitten who was a stray outside of his workplace.

Calvin spotted the kitten and when it was still there the next day, he knew it was his calling to come to the rescue. A most recent experience by Calvin proved, once again, that he has a higher calling to rescue those who need help the most! One afternoon, Calvin was driving home when he just had a gut feeling that he should take a certain off-ramp from a highway.

On his new route, he spotted a frightened dog who had lost all his hair. Luring him with a can of food, Calvin managed to get the dog inside and took him home to help him. The dog, now named Wrinkles gave Calvin the most special look that radiated right into his soul.

That is when he knew he had to do everything he could for Wrinkles. After taking him to the vet to have him treated, Wrinkles now lives an abundant life with Calvin and his other rescues. What a feel-good story indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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