This German Shepherd Is Exactly Like An Edgy Teenager!

This German Shepherd Is Exactly Like An Edgy Teenager!

Puberty. Humans all go through it, but did you know dogs go through their version of puberty too?

It seems it’s just part of growing up.

Alexander Radcliffe says, “German Shepherd puppies go through a teenage “rebellion” phase which includes backtalk, selective hearing and completely random surges of energy regardless of how many hours they just spent playing at the dog park the same day.”

In fact, Jacque Lynn Schultz, C.P.D.T. says, “From the age of 6-18 months, your dog undergoes adolescence — that gawky stage between puppy-hood and adulthood…Chewing often results when a bored, anxious, or curious dog is allowed the run of the house. For the canine adolescent, boredom and curiosity can lead to major household damage via chewing, digging, and general reorganization. This damage could largely be avoided if caretakers would simply continue to confine their dog in a training crate or dog-proof room whenever no one is around to monitor canine investigations. Canine teens are not yet capable of the consistency it takes to earn the run of the place unsupervised.”

So, there you have it. It seems this is exactly what his GSD is going through. Apparently, someone has been stealing dad’s socks and destroying them so dad will just need to be consistent with training, providing positive reinforcement and outlets to vent that excess energy.

Here, this rebellious GSD is getting a lecture from his dad and he doesn’t seem to like what dad is saying. In fact, half the time, he’s just looking another direction instead. He clearly doesn’t want to hear it! He even talked back to his dad in the argument, with few head tilts and unusual voices of protest!

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Watch the video below to see the teenage shepherd!

Feature Image Source: Alexander Radcliffe

Have you had a fur kid go through adolescence like this? What worked for you?

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