Get A German Shepherd They Said - It'll Be Fun They Said!

Get A German Shepherd They Said - It'll Be Fun They Said!

German shepherds are awesome, intelligent, loyal dogs, there is no doubt about it! But, when they’re puppies they…well, they are puppies just like any other dog! It’s their job to get into trouble and it’s your job to try to keep them out of trouble and safe.

One one hand, they are ridiculously adorable. I mean, seriously. They are little fluff balls with endless curiosity!

Even the cutest fluff ball can be a handful from time to time though. Little Koda the puppy is doing her best to learn how things work but every once in a while things like pooping in the middle of the room or getting stuck under the couch are bound to happen.

They are so worth it though! Keep your eye on them, start training while they’re young, and at the end of the day, they grow up and become wonderful companions that will love you no matter what!

This guy seems to be looking forward to that growing up part though! He decided to film what he thought were the funniest moments with his shepherd puppy!

See the video for yourself on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the silly shepherd moments!

Any words of encouragement for this new GSD dad?

Feature Image Source: Break Clips

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