General Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs That You Must Keep In Mind

General Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs That You Must Keep In Mind

Halloween is an exciting time, with plenty of options for pups who want to participate.

From costumes to themed toys and treats, fur balls can take part in the celebrations and have lots of fun while they’re at it, but it’s also important to keep your pups safe during this spooky time. Here’s how!

1. Hide treats

We already know how dangerous chocolate and artificial sweeteners should be. As such, the candy and chocolate that you have ready for trick-or-treaters should be kept far out of reach! Click here to find out what to do if you suspect your pup has eaten chocolate.

2. Careful with the decorations!

A fur ball can knock over a jack-o-lantern with a candle in it and start a fire, or he might be curious and earn a singed paw. If you have wires laying around for lights, make sure your pup can’t gnaw at them, either.

3. Consider costumes carefully

Pups who aren’t used to wearing costumes might feel very stressed out when they have to – especially if it’s for long periods of time. So either get your fur ball used to it by slow exposure a couple months beforehand, or opt out of this tradition all together. Additionally, make sure that any costumes you choose is free of objects that are easy to chew on or get stuck in places, and make sure they fit right to avoid any accidents.

4. Keep it cool

With all the strange visitors knocking on the door, a fur ball may become stressed out, anxious, or frightened. Keep pups in a separate room when trick-or-treating starts and make sure they can’t dash out the front door when you open it. For maximum safety, make sure your fur ball has on a collar and ID tag – or a microchip – just in case.

Have a happy, scary, and safe Halloween! Do like and share this with other pet parents!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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