German Shepherd Abandoned in The Desert Finally Gets Rescued But Now Needs A Home!

German Shepherd Abandoned in The Desert Finally Gets Rescued But Now Needs A Home!

It’s hard to believe someone could abandon this beautiful creature in the middle of the desert but someone did – 4 months ago. For all this time, kind people fed this white German Shepherd Dog and rescuers attempted to catch her multiple times, but she was untrusting of humans and too smart for humane traps.

After many failed attempts at rescuing her and temperatures now reaching around 100 degrees, Hope for Paws knew their time was limited. While they might not be able to catch her the way they ideally wanted, they knew what was most important was rescuing her before the heat got to her. She was matted, covered in mud and dirt, and was too smart to be caught. They decided to work with a vet who could tranquilize her so they could finally rescue this poor sweet shepherd and get her to safety.

In a heartbreaking rescue, they finally got her to the safety of their RV and then a hotel for the night where she rested up and started to realize these humans were there to help her. It is truly heartbreaking to see everything this sweet girl has been through and after this incredible rescue, she is thankfully in the safety of a German Shepherd rescue but she still needs a home.

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This truly is heartbreaking to see, but we are so thrilled the people at Hope for Paws were able to rescue her. If you are interested in adopting her, please visit in California for more info.

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Feature Image Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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