German Shepherd Falls Into 12 Feet Hole While Playing With Parent

German Shepherd Falls Into 12 Feet Hole While Playing With Parent

A German Shepherd who fell 12 feet into a large hole in California was successfully rescued. Lexi was playing with her parent when the awful incident occurred at the south end of Fontana, a city in San Bernardino County, California.

While dogs are a lot of fun to play with, sometimes things could go overboard if proper care is not taken. Lexi enjoys playing hide and seek. However, on that particular day, she went a little too far.

As we can imagine, Lexi’s parent must have felt awful when she ended up in the bottom of a 12-foot hole. Like any other family member, our hearts break when our dog is in distress, and we’d do everything we can to help them.

Fortunately, rescuers succeeded in getting Lexi out of the hole on time and back to safety.

Narrating the rescue mission on Facebook, the Fontana Police Department wrote, “Animal Service Officers immediately asked for backup, and our wonderful firefighters assisted in rescuing Lexi from the large hole.”

Although minutes must have felt like hours for the dog in the hole, she was surprisingly unharmed when they rescued her. According to the police spokesperson who shared the report on Facebook, Lexi has been reunited with her parent. To everyone’s delight, she is doing fine.

Image Credit: YouTube

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