German Shepherd Saved Thanks To Social Media!

German Shepherd Saved Thanks To Social Media!

Barry the German shepherd was found in a neighborhood in Hong Kong. The shepherd seemed to be abandoned, and in really poor condition – near death.

Someone captured a photo of this dog and posted it on Facebook. Thankfully, thanks to the power of social media, a rescue organization saw the picture and decided to intervene. The group came and picked the injured shepherd up and immediately took the scared pup to the veterinary hospital to get the medical treatment that she needs.

The rescue group dubbed this sweet shepherd Barry and vowed to make sure she gets all the treatment she needs.

Pictures of Barry And More Info Here!


Source: petsfans

The rescuers of the injured Barry started to raise money so they can cover her medical treatments, and thankfully they raised more than $20,000, and all by the help of the Facebook group members from a group that was made especially for Barry! This really restores my faith in humanity.

Barry’s condition now is under control, she had her first surgery and thankfully it was successful one! Next up? A home!

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