German Shepherd Puppy Holds On To Mom’s Tail!

German Shepherd Puppy Holds On To Mom’s Tail!

Puppies are great at making toys of things that we typically wouldn’t see as toys.

This naughty little puppy found a new toy hanging from her mommy’s back – her tail! The little puppy has fallen in love with her mom’s tail and seems to think it’s the best toy she’s ever seen! She tugs on the tail as the mother dog walks towards the dining area.

The mischievous pup gets a fun, free ride as she’s dragged along the floor while holding on to that swooshy tail. When the German shepherd dog mom stops, the little pup lets go for a moment and then grabs the tail once more! She’s not letting a toy this fun get away so easily!

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We have to give the puppy credit for being creative. Also, mom gets major points. She is being very patient with her pup and just does her thing while the pup goes bonkers on that tail of hers.

Watch the video below to see the adorable tail-biting shepherd puppy!

Feature Image Source: Kyoot Animals

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