German Shepherd Puppy Launches An Adorable Attack On Her Human!

This bouncy German Shepherd Dog puppy is named Dutchess. She absolutely adores her humans and has decided it is her duty to cheer her dad up. He is lying on the ground, so she figures he must need a little pick me up. So what does she do? The only logical thing for a cute puppy like Dutchess to do! She attacks him with her love!

As her dad lays on the ground, she barks at him and zooms all around him, poking him here, nudging him there, and burrowing in under his arms to join him and lick his face. If a cute puppy like Dutchess doing this doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will!

Continue Reading And See The Video Of Dutchess Attack Her Dad With Love Here!

Dutchess is committed to sharing her love and spunk with her dad. She just knows that if he would get up and play with her, he would have a great time so she pulls out all her best moves to try to convince him to wrestle with her. In the end, I don’t know if I could resist! She is so cute and dedicated to cheering her dad up!

Watch the video of Dutchess and her adorable love attack below!

Feature Image Source: titansfan122

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