German Shepherd Saves Her Foster Mom From Fire!

German Shepherd Saves Her Foster Mom From Fire!

On New Year’s Eve, everything seemed normal to foster mom, Cecelia. She was settled into her home with a German Shepherd Dog named Lexi that she was fostering. Lexi was always a vocal dog, but suddenly, her vocalizations seemed different – they seemed urgent and she wouldn’t stop until Cecelia followed her. Lexi led her foster mom out of the house where they saw a shed on the property had caught fire. Lucky for the duo, firefighters arrived in time to put the fire out before it spread to the house.

They believe a bottle rocket hit the shed and started the fire, but had it not been for Lexi the shepherd, the outcome could have been a lot worse – firefighters say the house could have been lost too if it had been much longer.

The story doesn’t end there. This foster mom wasn’t just fostering any dog that needed a home. She originally took Lexi in when her owner was evicted from her apartment while on disability. Her owner was heartbroken to part from her, but she knew Lexi would be better off in a home. While her owner was living in her car, Lexi would stay with Cecelia until she got back up on her feet. Now Cecelia says Lexi can stay with her as long as she wants. She is a true hero and after saving Cecelia’s house and life, she has paid her back for taking her in tenfold.

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