Giant Puppy Fell Head Over Heels For His Elder Brother And It's Just Too Cute To Watch!

Giant Puppy Fell Head Over Heels For His Elder Brother And It's Just Too Cute To Watch!

Katie Becattini has wanted to bring a new pup into her home for a while, but she was concerned that Tuck, her current rescue pup, wouldn’t be too fond of the idea.

Tuck loves his Mom very much, and he’s practically joined at the hip to her. He follows Mom everywhere and sleeps next to her, and he gets anxious the moment he can’t go somewhere with her. As such, it seemed like having just one dog – Tuck – in the household was a good idea.

But after a trip to a pet expo, Becattini and her boyfriend couldn’t get their minds off the lovely 11 Great Pyrenees puppies they saw with Salfid Rescue at the Oaks, Pennsylvania expedition.

They were in love, but Becattini was worried Tuck wouldn’t like it. So she and her partner decided to bring Tuck to visit those little puppies at their foster house.

The puppy the couple particularly had their eye on was the biggest of the litter, who would later be named Beau. When Tuck met Beau for the first time, he seemed quite indifferent.

But then they brought Beau home, and Beau became absolutely obsessed with Tuck. He followed him around and would kick up a fuss and cry if they were not together. The best part? Tuck didn’t mind.

Soon, the two were cuddling together constantly, and sometimes Beau – much larger than Tuck, even as a puppy – would lie right on top of his new big brother.

Although it took a while for Tuck to warm up to his new sibling, he soon learned to care for the energetic and overly affectionate bundle of fluff! In fact, now, Tuck lets Beau do pretty much whatever he wants. Maybe opposites really do attract!

Images & Feature Image Source: Katie Becattini

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