Golden Retriever Puppy Tries To Win The Love Of Baby Goat!

Golden Retriever Puppy Tries To Win The Love Of Baby Goat!

Bud is a four month old English Golden retriever. He couldn’t contain his excitement when his humans introduced him to Zoomer, a four day old baby goat!

Zoomer and her goat siblings were spending the night inside their humans’ home to protect them from the below zero temperatures outside and as luck would have it, this was a special treat for Bud! It was love at first sight for him when he met the tiny goat.

Zoomer wasn’t too sure about her Golden brother, but we’re sure the two of them will eventually become the best of friends!

Bud does his best to try to get little Zoomer to play with him! He runs all around, sniffs at her sweetly, and lays in bed, inviting her to come over and join him! Little Zoomer still seems to be figuring out this great big world and she seems very curious about him!

From the looks of it, I have a feeling Bud is going to be hoping for more cold weather so he can have more sleepovers with Zoomer!

See the adorable video of Bud the golden puppy and Zoomer the 4 day old goat on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see Zoomer and Bud playing together like two future BFF!

Feature Image Source: Sean cadden

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