Got A Lazy Dog? Here's How To Get Them Up And Active!

Got A Lazy Dog? Here's How To Get Them Up And Active!

With the winter months looming and the skies colored grey, getting out of your home is always a battle. Besides, who wants to go out in the cold and walk in the snow or rain anyways?

On top of the bad weather, the global pandemic is keeping everyone inside as well, making the levels of activity for humans and their dogs slim to none. A group of researchers recently conducted a study to find out the most successful ways to get dog parents and their dogs up and moving around, even in the worst of conditions.

Some dog parents reported that they tried playing with their dogs, but got no reaction from them. It turns out that sometimes even though we are engaging with our dogs, they don’t want any part of it. This study began to show that there are some key things that work on our dogs, and other things that don’t. After doing some more research, these researchers quickly found out that there are 35 commonly used signals that dog parents will use in order to reach the level of engagement they are looking for. This data had proven that some commonly used signals such as clapping hands, patting the floor, and intimidating barking dogs are actions that don’t usually work.

In fact, 38% of the time, these actions proved to be insufficient. Sometimes, by chasing them or running away from them will help to give them high energy and help them get ready for play. Of course, all dogs will be different, but for the most part, using the common commands might also be the best option. By trial and error, dog parents can get to the bottom of what makes their dogs ready to play, so that they can both be active together.

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