Guy Finds His Stolen Car, But Now it Comes With a Dog!

Guy Finds His Stolen Car, But Now it Comes With a Dog!

When your car gets stolen, you are very lucky to get it back. Stolen cars usually get repainted and sold as soon as possible.

Or they even get disassembled and the parts get sold. But to get the car back, along with a bonus, that’s unheard of. Vitor Mangino was at a party not too long ago. He was enjoying his night, but, when he wanted to leave, he got a bad surprise. He noticed his care had been stolen while he was partying.

He looked everywhere for the car, but he couldn’t find a thing. So, he filed a police report and prayed that his car would somehow turn up. After a few days of waiting, he was starting to lose hope. But then he got a call that would make everything better. The police sergeant was on the other end, and he had some good news. They had found Vitor’s car, but they had also found something extra.

There was a dog on top of the car, and he refused to get down or let anyone get close. Vitor didn’t know who that dog was. He had never seen him before, but he immediately felt a connection to him.

The dog had no problem letting him get close, and he was actually very friendly.

It seemed like they had been friends forever. So, Vitor knew his only option was to adopt him. He named him Heineken.

The pair is inseparable, and, even though the car had some damages, the dog made up for it.

Image Credit: Vitor Mangino

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