Guy Sneaks Up On His Guard Dog, Catches Her Napping On The Job!

We all have come across the term “never judge a book by its cover” at some point in our lives. What this saying means, is that we should not base assumption off of what we see.

Be it the character of people or the character of a four-legged friend. Either way, it is better to give anybody a chance before deciding who or what they are. This saying proved to be especially true in the case of a little dog, Gracie.

Gracie belongs to the proud parent Scott Hubbard. Scott chose Gracie as a companion, and what a companion she would turn out to be. According to Scott, Gracie is single-handedly the most chilled and relaxed canine companion he has ever come across in his life. She lounges around all day and does not lift a paw unless it is totally necessary!

Scott has a “beware of the dog” sign pasted on to his garden gate, but shamefully admits that Gracie’s guarding performance would definitely come in at a 0/10 score! He actually jokes that Gracie would most likely enjoy a lazy drink alongside the pool with any intruder.

Ridiculous guarding services aside, Gracie truly is a sweetheart. She has brought an abundance of happiness into Scott’s life, as well as the lives of Scott’s family members. Her relaxed character rubs off on all of Scott’s friends and family, almost being therapeutic in nature.

What Gracie shows us is that we might assume certain traits about our canine companions, but they certainly can break the stereotypes too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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