Hand Sanitizers Have A Chemical That Is Toxic To Dogs

Hand Sanitizers Have A Chemical That Is Toxic To Dogs

With the outbreak of the recent novel coronavirus, we have been told by researchers and scientists that hygiene is of utmost importance for prevention.

News sites and other information resources have shown us that washing our hands with warm water and soap, or the use of a hand sanitizer is effective in killing the virus. Due to the highly infectious nature of the virus, we adhere to this advice to the tee. Most of us have gone out to buy numerous bottles of sanitizer, as well as various soaps.

Our sanitizers are strewn all over the household to make it easier for us to grab and use. Also lingering in our households, are our beloved furry-faced family members. As many of us are forced to work from home, we cannot spend all our time playing with our dogs, leaving them to turn to their toys in the meantime. Some of our dogs, however, have a natural curiosity in them.

They love to explore and find new things to chew on to pass time when they are not playing. One of the things they may decide to chew on are the bottles of sanitizer laying about. Because of this, we should pay extreme caution to where we leave these bottles, as research has shown that ingested sanitizer can end up being toxic, or even fatal. What we can do is make sure not to spray these on our pets, leave our hands to try after sanitizer use, and make sure we do not leave the bottles in reach of our mischievous mutts.

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