Hardworking Therapy Dog Comforts & Boosts California Firefighters’ Morale

Hardworking Therapy Dog Comforts & Boosts California Firefighters’ Morale

Firefighting is among the stressful occupations due to the high-risk nature of the job and lives at stake.

During the huge lightning-caused wildfires in California’s Bay Area last August, firefighters were subject to tremendous stress and trauma, trying to stop the spread and rescue many lives as possible. Two-year old golden retriever and certified crisis response therapy animal, Kerith, comes to their rescue by providing much-needed comfort and relief.

Kerith’s handler, Pet Partners’ Heidi Carman, shared that even before the pandemic, Kerith had comforted so many since volunteering through the California MarinHealth Emergency and Trauma Department. Kerith made rounds in fire base camps and developed close ties with the medical team.

“When men and women have the opportunity to see a friendly face, like Kerith, it connects them,” Carman said, “No matter what is going on in their lives, and the trauma that they are seeing on a daily basis, they are able to de-stress.”

Kerith had been alleviating stress levels during the busy fire season. After her visit to the first California base camp, she was requested to proceed to other base camps as well.

Kerith’s activity included visits at the Woodward Fire, August Complex Fire, Creek Fire, and the Glass Fire, where firefighters had been away from loved ones for months. Carman, who met Kerith when the latter was still eight-weeks old, finds so much joy realizing the value of their work and how wonderful Kerith is at it.

Feature Image Source: Melissa Pixcar ABC7 / Facebook

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