Have You Ever Wondered Why Dogs Prefer To Lie On Our Feet?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Dogs Prefer To Lie On Our Feet?

Isn’t it great when your loving companion cuddles up to your feet during a cold winter night? Cuddling with your fur baby comes naturally and perfectly normal, but is there a meaning behind why our canine companions like to lie at our feet?

This particular behavior originates from instinctual pack mentality, where allowing us the better spot on furniture is seen as showing respectful deference to their pack leader. It also stems from growing up in groups needing very little space from one another and following mama under her feet. Another could be that they are seeking protection from their pack leaders.

However, this behavior can also be a negative sign, such as when your dog is cowering or huddling at your feet in fear, this may be from experiencing separation anxiety or not feeling safe unless you are within contact. Positive training (going for long walks, running, hiking, learning new tricks, or meeting new people and their fur-children) is advised to help your baby improve their self-confidence and lessen their insecurities.

If your companion lies at your feet but in a hostile/aggressive manner, they may be trying to push you out of the leader chair or express territorial feelings. You may need to express your need for space to your four-legged friend and not reward or acknowledge this territorial behavior unless it is warranted. If you’re unsure about anything regarding your pupper’s behavior, the best option always is to seek out a professional with experience. On the other hand, if you’re happy and your fluffy companion is happy, then proceed with those cuddles!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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