He Helped Her Graduate During The Pandemic So She Let Him In Her Photoshoot

He Helped Her Graduate During The Pandemic So She Let Him In Her Photoshoot

The pandemic changed a lot about the world, including how students were taught. Amee Nepomuceno is one of the many students affected by the pandemic. She is a nursing student and felt a lot of stress this year as she completed her studies.

Luckily, she had someone there to help her get through this time and now she is able to graduate with the rest of her classmates. To show her gratitude, she did the most amazing thing.

Her dog, Spex was by her side throughout her entire college experience. Spex offered moral support and a helping paw. When it came time to celebrate her graduation with a photo shoot, Spex was front and center.

Nepomuceno shared that she had to get creative during the pandemic. She would sometimes do assessments on Spex since she couldn’t get any patients. He was also extremely helpful whenever she got stressed out. His presence helped to keep her going.

Of course, Spex would need proper graduation attire. He got his own tiny graduation hat and gown to match hers. Nepomuceno shared that Spex is a big baby. He is her everything and she is lucky to have him by her side.

While the photo shoot was meant to celebrate her accomplishment, she used it as an opportunity to celebrate her Corgi. Now, her biggest issue is choosing the best photos since she is in love with every single one! Perhaps Spex could help her decide!

Images Source: Amee Nepomuceno

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