He Said He Wouldn’t Stop Looking And He Never Did...

He Said He Wouldn’t Stop Looking And He Never Did...

There’s no worse feeling in the world than losing a child. In 2016, army vet Michael Joy experienced that pain when he lost his Lab mix, Sam, who was barely 4 months old.

It happened when the family set out on a road trip and all three of his dogs got loose. The other two came back soon, but Sam was nowhere to be found. Michael searched everywhere in his Georgia neighborhood and left no stone unturned.

He made a promise to his wife that he would follow the shelters’ pages and keep in touch in case there were any developments. Even when the family moved to Fort Campbell Kentucky, Michael would search for Sam whenever he was in Georgia. He never gave up hope.

Then one day, it all paid off. It was five years later when a call came in, and it was about Sam. It was the City Dogs Cleveland all the way in Ohio! He couldn’t believe that his dog was that far away, but he was ready to pick him up. Luckily Sam has a microchip and he was identified during a medical exam when rescued. He drove eight hours to Ohio in hopes that Sam would remember him. It had been quite some time and his appearance had changed.

When he arrived at the rescue, he was overcome with joy. He compared the feeling to a kid on Christmas. It was an emotional reunion.

Sam had remembered him, even though he looked different, and showed his excitement right away. Now, they will never leave each other’s side again!

Images source: Michael Joy

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