Health Problems That Are Caused By What Your Dog Eats

Health Problems That Are Caused By What Your Dog Eats

Dog parents rarely consider that the food in their dog’s bowl may be the culprit behind their sudden illness. Usually, they may pass the blame to exposure to other sick dogs, sensitivities, etc.

However, the food a dog eats plays an important role in their overall health.

Certain health conditions could be caused by what your dog eats. The following are 3 of them:


You may have heard of this one. It is popularly known as “Poop eating.” A starving dog can eat almost anything he sees. Some dogs often eat poop; some may eat grass or dirty, depending on which one is available. Coprophagia exposes dogs to potentially life-threatening diseases that may require surgery.


Dogs, regardless of their age, breed, or gender, experience food allergies due to certain ingredients in their food. Common allergens include dairy products, corn, and wheat. Usually, when food allergies occur, causing itchy skin, diarrhea, hive, etc., many dog parents often blame environmental factors; not knowing the dog’s food is where the problem came from.


The serving instructions on packaged food are sold without your dog’s unique needs in mind. Often, you may end up under or over-feeding your dog. While dogs need to be well-fed, overfeeding could lead to obesity, which can cause painful joint problems and breathing issues, among other health issues.

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