Health Risks From Fleas And Ticks You Should Know About

Health Risks From Fleas And Ticks You Should Know About

What’s the most annoying thing that plagues your pup? If you’ve got a list in mind, then fleas and ticks are probably somewhere on the top.

Everyone knows that these pests exist, but do you know all the health risks that come from them? Here are some.

Fleas have a pretty irritating bite, but that’s not the worst of it. A severe flea infestation can result in your pup scratching and biting himself so hard that he may break his skin, leading to bacteria infections, hair loss, and traumatized skin. It’s even worse if he happens to be allergic to flea saliva.

Fleas are also intermediate hosts for tapeworms, so a flea infestation can also mean a tapeworm one. But most importantly, fleas drink blood, and this can cause anaemia. Some pups have even died from blood loss this way.

On the other hand, ticks cause different problems altogether. An adult female paralysis tick’s bite can lead to fatalities if your pup doesn’t receive proper treatment. This happens when the tick feeds on your pup, which releases a toxin into your pup’s system that attacks his body from below as it spreads upwards.

The first sign that this is happening is if your pup’s bark changes pitch. Next, he may appear to wobble on his hind legs. If you notice these signs, call a vet immediately – the toxin will move on to his front legs and his breathing muscles.

These are the health risks posed by fleas and ticks. Stay tuned for next time, when we’ll talk about flea and tick prevention methods! Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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