Heartbroken Grandma Gets A Touching Letter From Her Dog Who Passed Away

Heartbroken Grandma Gets A Touching Letter From Her Dog Who Passed Away

When Ashley Bowerman’s grandparents’ lost their 12-year-old pup, it was an understandably devastating time for them, and especially for her grandmother. But then something happened that helped her to heal.

Tucker had been with Ashley’s grandparents for more than ten years. When he passed away, they did everything they could to remember him and honor his memory in the presence of a new gaping hole in their lives. They even created a small memorial shrine corner for the pup, filled with his pictures and favorite toys.

But as the holidays loomed around, the heartache hadn’t ceased, and Ashley’s grandmother felt Tucker’s absence even more strongly and felt depressed. So her husband did something sweet and thoughtful to cheer her up that just may have you in tears.

Ashley’s grandfather bought a Christmas card and wrote a note to his wife from Tucker in it. The card described how wonderful Ashley’s grandmother had been as a mom and how wonderfully she had taken care of him. He talked about how he was now free of pain and sadness, and how he hoped she would have a wonderful life, and that he was watching and waiting at the window for her as he always had.

This heartfelt note couldn’t completely remove the pain of Tucker’s loss, but it helped reduce the sting and gave both grandparents solace that helped them in their healing process. Meanwhile, Tucker’s ashes sit by the window where he used to watch and wait for them, so he truly is there, waiting for them to join him when the time comes.

Images & Feature Image Source: Ashley Bowerman

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