Heartbroken Mama Who Lost Her Pups Meets Abandoned Puppies And Immediately Takes Over

Heartbroken Mama Who Lost Her Pups Meets Abandoned Puppies And Immediately Takes Over

When a shoebox full of tiny little puppies, just about a day old, was dumped in Romania, the Barking Mad Dog Rescue received a call about them and immediately hurried to the scene.

All alone in a large field, the defenseless puppies had likely just only been born and were nowhere near old enough to be separated so quickly from their mother.

Rescuers couldn’t find any sign of a mother pup nearby, so they took the puppies quickly back to their facility. The puppies would need to be hand-fed around the clock for a good while from then on, and staff knew they had their hands full.

Sadly, this was far from the first case of this variety for Barking Mad Dog Rescue – they were used to picking up new puppies that needed constant care to ensure healthy growth.

But then, staff came up with an incredible idea. Just recently, a mother pup who was depressed and heartbroken after losing her puppies had been recently taken in by the rescue. She’d been living on the streets and was so saddened, obviously missing her babies, when they found her. She’d had food in her mouth at the time and was desperately trying to find her puppies to feed them.

The rescue decided to introduce the mama dog to these brand new puppies to see if she could care for them. After all, what they needed most was a mother’s love and nursing. The second the mother pup spotted these little ones, she immediately took them in as her own and began to spoil them and take good, close care of them once she could get to them. The puppies, in turn, were happy to have the care of a parent again!

It will be a while before the puppies are ready for adoption, but for now, this new family is enjoying their time together.

Images & Feature Image Source: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

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