Heartbroken Pup Used As 'Bait' Was Going To Be Euthanized But The Vet Had Other Plans

Heartbroken Pup Used As 'Bait' Was Going To Be Euthanized But The Vet Had Other Plans

Animal control officers brought Pacino the pit bull into a vet clinic for treatment back in 2013, stating that they believed he was too aggressive to deal with and in too terrible a shape to treat. He has heavy, bloody wounds, likely due to being used as a bait dog, and he was skinny and extremely dirty.

Luckily, vet tech Brittany Elder was on duty, and she didn’t believe he was a lost cause. Pacino was shivering in fear and Elder immediately held him tightly, knowing he had likely never been shown this kind of affection.

Meanwhile, the high cost of treatment needed for Pacino meant that the animal control officer and vet in charge believed the best option would be to put him down, especially since they thought he would likely be aggressive.

But Elder could not stand by this decision. Pacino, despite being in pain, had given her a gentle kiss, and Elder knew the pup was far from too aggressive. So, she decided to take on the financial responsibility of treating him, and figure out how to get him adopted later.

Treatment began, and Pacino underwent surgery to clean and care for all his wounds. When the surgery was done, Elder and her boyfriend brought Pacino home.

At first, he was extremely nervous and frightened of everything, but in just a few days, he realized that Elder and her boyfriend could be trusted. He started to open up, slowly.

Pacino didn’t seem to know how to be a dog. He had to be crate and potty trained, learn to eat on schedule, and show him how to use toys and walk on a leash.

It took a lot of patience and work, but soon, Pacino revealed himself to be a complete sweetheart. He loved being around the humans he trusted, and his scars – physical and emotional ones – started to heal. Originally, Elder had planned to merely foster the pup, but it soon became clear she could not let go of him.

And so she didn’t – and now, Pacino has had Elder and her partner as his Mom and Dad for five years! He loves food, play, and his parents, and Elder is so glad she gave him a second chance at having a good, happy life.

Images & Feature Image Source: Brittany Elder

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