Heartbroken Pup Waited Outside A School So Someone Could Help Him

Heartbroken Pup Waited Outside A School So Someone Could Help Him

Caleb Schaffer, an elementary school teacher from Houston, Texas, was extremely surprised when he got to work and saw a dog sitting outside the school, tail wagging immediately the moment he saw him.

Schaffer didn’t have time to stop, but he noticed that the Labrador mix looked very sick and frightened. So, after his class, he went back outside, but by that time, the pup was gone.

Then, the next morning, the dog was there again, and he immediately recognized the teacher and began to wag his tail once more. This time, Schaffer could really see the bad condition of the pup’s skin, and how much he was crying and itching at himself. Schaffer had to get to work again, and the pup was gone when he was done once more.

The pup was there again the next day, and he was very happy to see Schaffer and went right up to him! Schaffer decided he needed to act now. So, he lured the pup in using his leftovers from lunch and brought him to his car. He hurriedly drove the pup to his apartment, where his wife would look after him until Schaffer was done with work for the day.

Sadly, Schaffer knew he could not keep the pup. His apartment rules allowed for a maximum of two dogs only, and he already had two pups of his own. So he took the afternoon off to call up rescue groups everywhere to see if anyone could help.

He ended up being able to bring the dog – who he named Clive, to a Harris County shelter so he could receive basic vet care, and a medicated bath administered by Schaffer himself.

Schaffer then continued to find someone who could take Clive in, as he was worried that Clive would be put down. He reached out to a Facebook page called the Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston, who shared Clive’s story. That was when the Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption stumbled upon the post and volunteers offered to take him in.

Now, Clive lives with foster parents in Austin. He’s really shown a loving, happy personality and is having a great time in a loving home! Clive can’t wait to find his permanent, forever home. If you’re interested in adopting him or would like to donate for his medical care, click here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Caleb Schaffer

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