Heartbroken Service Pup Remained By President Bush's Side Until The Very End

Heartbroken Service Pup Remained By President Bush's Side Until The Very End

The 30th of November 2018 marks the sad passing of George Herbert Walker Bush. At the age of 94, it’s safe to say that the former president has lived a pretty long life.

In the final year of his life, Bush spent much of his day with a service dog named Sully. The pup was trained by America’s VetDogs, which is a nonprofit organization. Sully was brought into Bush’s life after the passing of his wife at the beginning of the year due to Bush’s declining health which affected his mobility.

Being a highly trained and talented pup, Sully performed many, many everyday tasks. He could turn lights on and off, help to open and close doors, and assist in retrieving items – all on command! But what Sully provided above all else was love and kindness.

The spokesperson for the Bush family, Jim McGrath, posted a picture of Silly lying next to the coffin of the 41st president, which is draped in a flag. The pup knew Bush only as a friend, not as a politician, and it shows.

The photo was shared alongside a touching caption reading “mission complete”. Sully went on to accompany Bush’s coffin at his burial ceremony.

Now that Sully’s duties are complete, he is being moved to a new home where he will provide help and joy to countless veterans in Maryland at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

We know he’ll bring them as much happiness as he brought to the Bush family, and that he will carry out his duties diligently for as long as he is able.

Feature Image Source: wethedogsdc / Instagram

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