With The Help Of Special Glasses, Blind Woman Is Able To See Her Pup For The First Time!

With The Help Of Special Glasses, Blind Woman Is Able To See Her Pup For The First Time!

When Mary Sedgwick was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis, it felt like her world was falling apart. She was in medical school studying to be a physician, and the condition was a progressive one that would eventually lead to her becoming blind. She sunk into a period of severe depression as her dreams slipped through her fingers.

But in 2010, all of that changed when Sedgwick met Lucy, a 15-month-old service dog from Leader Dogs for the Blind. The moment they were paired up, they fell in love with each other! Lucy leaped straight into Sedgwick’s arms, almost knocking her out of her chair, and that was when Sedgwick knew she and Lucy were perfect for each other.

Their instant bond only became stronger over the years. Lucy is a faithful and loyal pup who alerts her without fail as Sedgwick navigates her way through life. She places complete trust in Lucy and has learned to understand her every movement that she feels through the leash tethering Lucy to her. But Lucy’s not just a good service dog – she’s a fantastic best friend. Her affection knows no bounds, she loves giving kisses, and her love for life is beyond infectious.

Sedgwick condition leads to her seeing the world in a cloud of gray with small tone differences, but for a moment, it all changed when she was able to try on eSight glasses. The electronic device uses a front-facing camera to capture images and projects them onto an inner screen that is optimized for the wearer’s visual limitations. Although she was worried they wouldn’t work for her, Sedgwick decided to try it out.

And, all of a sudden, as the glasses turned on, Sedgwick could see – and the first thing she saw was Lucy.

Sedgwick became extremely emotional when she was able to see Lucy for the first time. She described Lucy’s face as being beautiful with soulful eyes and gorgeous long lashes, and she was overwhelmed in the moment because she’d never thought seeing like that would be possible. She couldn’t believe Lucy’s beautiful appearance matched her inner beauty so well.

Sedgwick would love to purchase a pair of eSight glasses for herself so that her brief moment of vision is more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Due to their high cost, she’s decided to start a fundraiser online, and she hopes that eventually, she will raise enough money to buy them. The chance to see Lucy has inspired Sedgwick and she hopes to begin the next chapter of her life with new vision and Lucy by her side!

Images & Feature Image Source: Mary Sedgwick

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