Helping Your Blind Or Visually Impaired Dog Adjust To Home Environment (Part 1)

Helping Your Blind Or Visually Impaired Dog Adjust To Home Environment (Part 1)

Visual impairment and blindness are two disabilities we often hear of in people. Some of us may be born with a condition or it may come on with ago. Regardless, it is not an unfamiliar occurrence.

Just as it may happen to us, it happens in our dogs as well. Being visually impaired requires various modifications to help make life easier, and here is what you can do for your visually impaired canine companion:

Preparing The House

It goes without saying that it will take time to adapt to lost sight for our dogs. One way in which we can make it easier is by preparing their living space:

  • Keep a constant routine so your dog knows what to expect and is not caught off-guard or frightened,
  • Do not change your dog’s normal walking pathways in the house. Keep the furniture in place so he can still navigate his usual route to get to certain places,
  • Keep food and water bowls in the same place for ease of access,
  • Where there are hazardous areas, dog-proof them by covering them with a soft material or guard,
  • Close off all dangerous areas such as pools of water and fireplaces to prevent them from falling into these,
  • Make a soft and cozy safe zone for your dog. This is important for when they feel overwhelmed and frightened, as it provides a sort of refuge space where they know they can retreat to,
  • You can also mark your dog’s dogs with a safe scent (such as certain essential oils). It will make it easier for them to locate during playtime.

Watch out for Part 2, people!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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