Henderson Animal Control Reports Dog Thefts On The Rise

Henderson Animal Control Reports Dog Thefts On The Rise

In some parts of the country, keeping your dogs safe is an easy thing to do. For other states or counties, threats are rising. Henderson County, in Kentucky, has been experiencing some increasing dog thefts, making residents nervous for their dog’s safety.

Along with the increased dog thefts, comes the increased amount of stray animals that are wandering around the county’s streets. Kayla Main, who works as an Animal Control Officer says that she picks up around 4 or 5 dogs in a day, which has been the average number lately. Kayla says that her dogs and cats have played a very important role in her life and that it’s hard to consider them anything but family.

Because of this, she takes her job very seriously and makes sure to do all she can in order to protect other people’s dogs. One morning, she got a call saying that a woman’s dog got out and that she chased it down the road only to see a strange car calling it. When her dog got to the van, it was taken, even with her screaming and saying it was hers. Other calls that she has experienced were describing thieves reaching through fences to take pets, coming back at night to homes with dogs, and even snatching them right off the streets.

Henderson County’s Animal Control has said that families shouldn’t leave their dog alone and outside at night, and to make sure that every dog is microchipped. Also, families with dogs shouldn’t let their kids walk alone with them, because thieves will target this situation. By making sure you and your dogs are safe and being watched at all times, hopefully, these nappings will decrease.

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