Her New Dog Is Her Baby and She Has A Nursery To Prove It!

Her New Dog Is Her Baby and She Has A Nursery To Prove It!

In 2013, Joyce lost her dog and went through a period of depression. She was not ready to welcome a new dog since she was busy with completing law school and starting up her career. Her first home didn’t even have a dog and she was working too many hours.

When things began to come together, she started working less and bought her new home with a yard. It was the perfect time to adopt a dog. She saw a post from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue and there she saw her baby amongst the litter of puppies.

By the time she sent in an inquiry, the listing was closed because a lot of people wanted to welcome them into their homes. A few weeks passed and after successfully interviewing with the rescue, she was selected.

She was so excited and started preparing for Harry’s arrival right away. She wanted to give him a room of his own with all his stuff. The room was only half-finished when he arrived, but Harry fit right in and she was happy he was there.

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, she suddenly found herself with more time. Now she could finish Harry’s nursery and clean up the house.

Harry’s room had his own bathtub and a walk-in closet with all his toys and other stuff. The room was painted and decorated to her liking and by the time it was done, an entire year had passed.

What started as more of an organizational solution became a nursery that human babies could envy. He knows that this is his room, and it has become a huge part of his routine.

From 1 pm to 5 pm, he sleeps in his crib, then goes into his closet to change his pajamas, read a book, then goes back to bed. There’s even a baby monitor in case he needs anything at night!

For some people, dedicating an entire nursery to a dog may seem like a lot, but the people who know her personally are not at all surprised. Since she lost her other dog, she has been yearning for a dog to love and will never take the time for granted, even if it means spoiling him rotten!

Image Credit: Instagram and TikTok

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