Her Parents Wanted Her To Choose But She Loved Them Equally

Her Parents Wanted Her To Choose But She Loved Them Equally

It should never be a competition because a dog’s love for his/her parents is invaluable, but these parents wanted an answer, and were willing to put their dog to the test!

Cookie is a sweet and spunky dog who always has her parent’s attention. According to her mom, Kamila Omarova, she’s the centerpiece of their family, and her rich personality is why they and so many others adore her.

Cookie is very grateful for the love and attention from her family and isn’t afraid to show it. So one day, they decided to put it to the test. They decided to do a dog challenge. The aim of this was to gain bragging rights as it would reveal who Cookie loved the most. It was simple. Cookie would stand in the middle of the couple who were a couple of feet apart from each other.

Then, they would both run farther. Cookie was expected to run after her favorite parent and that would prove which one she loves the most. It was pretty straightforward, but what happened shocked them. They were both convinced Cookie would choose the other parent, but instead, she did this:


The loyalty is real!! #fyp #loyaldog #yorkshireterrierlove❤ #dogchallengerunaway #dogchallenge

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She looked from left to right a couple of times, then decided to run in circles, chasing her tail instead! Perhaps this was her way of saying she loved them both the same. They’ve considered it a draw since she didn’t choose. Hopefully, they will respect her decision and not ask her to choose ever again!

Image Source: Instagram /kamilandra_

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