Here Are 6 Things To Know If A Dog Has A Swollen Face

Here Are 6 Things To Know If A Dog Has A Swollen Face

Does your dog have a swollen face? Here are some potential reasons.

Dental Issues

Dental infections or fractures can cause swelling and abscesses (which we’ll discuss momentarily). A lack of appetite accompanying facial swelling can point to this problem. You can prevent these problems by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth, giving them dental toys and chews, and feeding them the right food.


Allergic reactions can cause a dog’s face and throat to swell. Usually, this will lead to breathing difficulties, changes in their gum color, and even fainting. This requires immediate medical attention.

Craniomandibular Osteopathy

This very rare condition occurs in certain breeds, typically among puppies aged 3 to 10 months old. It usually manifests in jaw swelling and may lead to fever, appetite loss, and drooling. The disease typically stabilizes as a dog grows older.


An abscess is extremely painful and can be caused by wound infection, animal bites, and other similar issues. They may have a fever, lose their appetite, or become aggressive. This requires immediate medical attention.


This bacterial infection usually comes from puncture or bite wounds, leading to swelling, redness, ulcers, and pain.


Whether benign or not, a tumor can occur in the throat or mouth that leads to swelling. See a vet if you suspect your dog has a tumor.

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