Here Are Some Benefits Of Having Dogs In The Office!

Here Are Some Benefits Of Having Dogs In The Office!

Dogs in the office? Is that even possible? Yes! In fact, a lot of companies now allow dog parents to bring their dogs in the office with them. What we’re about to find out will blow your mind because having dogs in the office comes with tons of benefits!

1. Fewer health problems!

When you bring your dog in the office, you help reduce stress for yourself and people who come in contact with your dog! Not only that, dogs in the office help lower blood pressure and the general tension of employees!

2. They help people bond!

A lot of people love dogs so imagine having a few in the office? Dogs are excellent ways to bond with people, especially those who love dogs! They help start a conversation and create a mutual connection between people.

3. Increased productivity!

Dogs in the office can significantly boost an employee’s productivity. Playing with a dog will help rest the mind before going back to work with full enthusiasm.

4. Promote healthy living!

No, you’re not running behind your dogs in the office, but you do take them out for a walk and remain active when you’re on your break! So instead of snacking on that donut, waiting to go home to your dogs, you take your dogs out for a walk while you’re on a break in the office! What a great way to be active and ‘happify‘ your dog! A win-win situation, don’t you agree?!

Does your office allow you to bring your dog to work? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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