Here Are Some Of The Most Common Bladder Problems Dogs Face In Their Lives

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Bladder Problems Dogs Face In Their Lives

Is your dog having more in-home accidents, despite being housetrained? They could be dealing with a bladder issue.

Here are 5 of the most common bladder problems dogs face:


This inflammatory condition can be the result of a wide range of different diseases and problems, with bacteria being the most common. Urinary issues are the most common symptoms, and treatment varies based on cause.

Urinary Incontinence

When dogs can’t control their bladder, they may urinate without being able to stop it. This can be a sign of a huge number of different issues, and treatment varies based on cause.

Bladder Stones

These develop in the urinary tract, especially in the bladder, and are made of different mineral deposits. Urinary issues are a common symptom, as well as lethargy and appetite loss. Treatment differs based on the stone type and size.

Bladder Cancer

This is the most severe bladder problem a dog can develop. There are different kinds of bladder cancers, but they are all rare. Symptoms involve most urinary issues, and most forms of the cancer are not curable, though treatment can help prolong a dog’s lifespan and improve their life quality.

Bladder Infection

This infection is very common and is a result of bad microorganisms. The most common symptom is increased frequency of toilet trips, but with very little urine each time. Antibiotics are the most common treatment.

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