Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Moving House With Your Dog!

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Moving House With Your Dog!

Moving house with your dog? Here’s how to prepare!

Prior Preparations

The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your dog is comfortable with car rides. You can gradually introduce them to these kinds of rides through praise and taking it in slow, gradual steps.

Next, you should bring your dog to your new neighborhood. Let them go for walks there, and even bring them into the new house if you can so they get used to the smells.

Finally, as you pack, let your dog sniff around and investigate the activity. This can keep them informed and a part of the moving process.

On Moving Day

There are two options for moving day. Your first option is hiring a dog sitter or asking a trusted friend or family member to look after your dog while you move everything.

But what about for long-distance trips? Your dog, who should be crate trained, can be placed into their crate and brought along in the car. Make sure they have a collar with ID tags, their microchip data is updated, and their vaccinations are up-to-date.

Pre-plan any stops you’ll have to take along the way by locating and booking pet-friendly hotels in advance. If you need to travel by air, make sure you have all the necessary documents.

Adjusting To The New Home

Once your family has the house to themselves, put your dog on a leash and walk them around the house, giving them a tour. Let them sniff and investigate to their heart’s content. As they adjust, try to not leave them unattended, especially outside, as they may try to break out and return to a more familiar place.

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