Here's How To Select The Best Doggy Day Care Near You!

Here's How To Select The Best Doggy Day Care Near You!

Finding a suitable doggy daycare can be quite nerve-wracking. Our pooches are extremely precious to us, and the thought of them getting hurt or mistreated while we are not around is simply unimaginable!

If you find yourself in need of doggy daycare, there are some useful tips you can follow to ensure the best environment for your canine companion:

  • Ask your friends and family: getting recommendations from friends is always a great idea. Your friends are the people that you trust, and hearing their advice may help guide your decision-making
  • Visit the facility yourself: when you see a place, you will most likely get a feel of whether it is for you or not. Seeing it and taking a tour will ease your mind about what the dogs get up to and what is available for them
  • Ask the facility questions: there are some important questions you can ask the doggy daycare you have in mind to ease any doubts your have. Find out what their standard procedures are, emergency procedures, and what their situation protocols are. Additionally, you can find out about the training and treating methods that they use. Ask about discipline strategies, how they handle misbehavior, how they address fighting etc.
  • Find out about accreditation and costing: it is important that you have your dog at an accredited daycare to cover any legal grounds and to know your precious pooch is in an acceptable environment. You can also explore different places and check out the cost range you have in mind so that you can make an informed decision

Always keep an eye out for red flags and educate yourself as much as you can. Your doggy will have a suitable daycare in no time!

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