Here's How You Can Keep Your Pups Safe During A Natural Disaster

Here's How You Can Keep Your Pups Safe During A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters, even arguably minor ones, can throw anyone’s life into disarray and put many in perilous situations.

If you have a pup, then it’s important that you do everything you can to keep them out of harm’s way during any kind of natural disaster. Here’s what to look out for.

1. General safety precautions

Your pup should be tagged with a legible ID that has your contact details on it, and if possible, they should be microchipped as well. On the ID tag, note down your contact number as well as one of a family member you trust.

2. Hurricanes and floods

It’s a good idea to always have a disaster kit ready with you and your pup’s general needs stored up. If you’re not planning to evacuate, then confine your pup to a carrier or with a leash. If you do evacuate, make sure to bring your pup and the disaster kit you prepared. In addition, if you receive an early hurricane or storm warning, secure your pup so they don’t bolt out of fear.

3. Earthquakes

Pups can sense an oncoming earthquake, and their natural instincts will often take over during this time. Do not attempt to restrain your pup if you are at home when an earthquake hits, as dogs can lash out automatically when they know they are in danger. Instead, allow your pup to find the somewhere safe to hide – trust them to know what to do. If your pup is in a carrier, then keep it somewhere where it is safe from debris.

4. Fires

These aren’t really natural disasters, but they’re definitely dangerous to you and your pups. If your home is on fire and you cannot safely get to your pups, get yourself and your family to safety first and allow emergency responders to take care of them. Do not attempt to search for your pups on your own if they are not within reach.

It can be helpful to grab a free ASPCA Animal Inside sticker in order to stick on your door in order to alert the firefighters of what to look for. Remember, a pup who is trapped will try to find their way outside, so if you have a pet door installed, trust that they will do everything they can to escape.

This is by no means an exhaustive guide, but it is important and necessary that you take these precautions during natural disasters. Please like and share this information if you found it useful!

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