Here's Why Your Dog Is Misbehaving - Can You Relate?

Here's Why Your Dog Is Misbehaving - Can You Relate?

It’s easy to look at a pet’s poor behavior and get frustrated with it. Unfortunately, most negative and unwanted pet behavior can be traced directly back to the parent’s poor interaction with the pet itself. In other news, you are often responsible for your misbehaving pet.

But How?

Many inexperienced pet parents commit plenty of mistakes when trying to care for their pet. Here are some of the most common ones.

1. Force A Pet To Accept Grooming

Pet care procedures such as nail trimming and grooming can be highly stressful and scary for your pet. Trying to hold them down so that they undergo these necessary procedures can make it scarier for them.

2. Force A Pet To Deal Directly With Their Fears

Desensitization is a delicate procedure that requires lots of time, effort, and patience. Attempting to desensitize your pets by repeatedly pushing your pet into situations that terrify them will only make things worse.

3. Overlooking Or Ignoring Your Pet’s Body Language

Our pets will give us plenty of non-verbal clues and warnings that they aren’t okay with something. If these initial warnings are ignored, then our pets will try to make their discomfort more and more evident, until it eventually results in biting or scratching.

What Should I Do?

Always take your time in handling your pets, and step back when they start showing signs of discomfort. Additionally, work on making the experience a pleasant one as well!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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