Here's Why Your Dogs Love Digging In Your Carpet!

Here's Why Your Dogs Love Digging In Your Carpet!

Carpets are godsend during winter months, when the floor is cold against our bare feet. But if you have a dog, you’ll notice that they seem to like digging into the carpet as if they are determined to rip it to shreds.

Just What’s Up With That?

There are a few possibilities behind why they do this. Here’s a quick – if incomplete – list:

  1. There’s some food somewhere in the carpet.
  2. There’s an interesting scent in the carpet, and they want to ‘dig’ it up before rolling in it.
  3. Your dog is simply ‘digging’ it up before lying down, like they’re fluffing up their bedding.
  4. They’re excited or anxious about something, but can’t act on it. They redirect their energies to digging at the carpet instead.
  5. They’ve learned that this is a foolproof way to get your attention.

How Do I Stop This?

Nobody wants ruined carpets. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Distract them whenever they start tearing up the carpet.
  2. Redirect that energy to some other activity. Perhaps some play, or revising some obedience skills.
  3. Give your dog an outlet for that excess energy, such as taking them out for walks or giving them puzzle toys.
  4. Keep your carpet clean, so there’s nothing interesting in it.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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