Here's Why Your Dogs Love Their Tennis Balls To The Moon And Back!

Here's Why Your Dogs Love Their Tennis Balls To The Moon And Back!

Ever wondered why your dog loves tennis balls so much? The answer is simpler than you think! It all has to do with prey instinct.

The size, shape, and texture of a tennis ball – and many other kinds of toy balls – is plenty of reason for a dog to enjoy it. But that’s not the real cause behind the obsession! You see, these balls are often relatively small, move unpredictably, and have bright colors – just like many common pretty animals, such as rodents or birds.

It’s true that a lot of a dog’s natural hunting instinct has been bred out over the years, but the playful prey drive that makes them give chase to fast, small objects may be something we can never really change! Without a natural outlet for these instincts, they turn to toys instead.

When a dog chases a ball, they’re also helping to expel their energy, making them less likely to be restless and naughty when we can’t give them attention. It’s also a rewarding action that can make a dog feel happy and accomplished.

Of course, not all dogs like balls. Hunting breeds tend to be more interested, while other dogs, such as short-nosed or Northern breeds, may simply not have that much interest in the act of fetching something. It all depends on your dog!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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