Hero Cop Uses Kayak To Rescue Dog From Muddy Pond

Hero Cop Uses Kayak To Rescue Dog From Muddy Pond

Rescuing a distressed dog has us springing into action within seconds. We do not want to see any dog suffer, and these beloved pooches mean to world to us (even if they are not ours).

Their undying loyalty and unconditional love makes every life worth saving, no matter what the situation. A recent incident in New Jersey had local authorities springing into action to save one good girl’s life. Akela is a gray boxer/mastiff and recently found herself in a lot of trouble. This beautiful girl had somehow managed to get loose from her dog parents guard and was found struggling to stay afloat in a local pond.

It appeared that she had gotten into the water, most likely for a swim, but ended up in the muddy end of a pond. Thankfully, a local police officer, John Kuligowski, responded to her distress and set out on a rescue operation. This policeman had taken hold of a nearby kayak and paddled towards Akela as fast as he could. Video footage shows that he struggled to get her on to the kayak but managed to guide her towards the shore. Akela managed to get out of the water and even allowed locals to take a few pictures of the rescue operation.

The bravery of the local police certainly saved her life. Unfortunately, Akela’s parents have still not been found and the word is out to help her get back home. Hopefully, this brave girl finds her family in due time!

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