Hero Dog Defends Family From Mountain Lion

Hero Dog Defends Family From Mountain Lion

Dogs are considered a human’s best friend for a reason. They are fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect the people they love, even if that means endangering themselves. And Rocky is one of the best examples that shows just how brave they are.

Rocky proved he is a real hero when he took on a mountain lion that was lurking around his family home in La Verne, California, near the Angeles National Forest. The cameras outside the house captured this fight. In the video, you can see Rocky trying to chase away the animal in an attempt to protect his family.

While he successfully chased the mountain lion away, he wasn’t able to get out untouched. He was badly injured and would end up needing 30 stitches. Rocky’s mom, Mary Padres, recalled that the mountain lion was just standing in her yard looking straight at her. Without skipping a beat, Rocky jumped the lion and chased it away. Mary is sure that the dog went after the lion to protect her. While chasing the lion, Rocky ended up away from the house.

Mary knew she had to go look for him, even if the lion could still be lurking around the area. In fact, the whole family went to look for him. They found him on the ground, bleeding heavily, so they rushed him to the nearest hospital.

Even though his injuries were very deep, the vets expect Rocky to make a full recovery. Hopefully, he will have a peaceful future, without ever having to battle any more mountain lions.

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