Hero Dog Saves Boy From Drowning In The Sea!

Hero Dog Saves Boy From Drowning In The Sea!

Most lifeguards have to go to training, but this dog was born to be one!

Max was born a neglected pup and spent his life outside. The Staffordshire terrier/bulldog mix was later adopted by Jamie and Rob Osborn who gave him the type of life he never had. Jamie shared that he was antisocial when he first came to live with them, and he’d walk away from being petted. Now, Max has warmed up to the family and isn’t stingy with hugs. He lives in Port Noarlunga, Australia with his 11-year-old brother Nev.

The entire family loves being in the water, and Max regularly swims alongside Jamie and Rob as they kayak or surf. Max is pretty popular among the surfers and would hang out with them as they wait to ride the waves. One quiet day in January, Max was at the beach with his family when they noticed a boy was stuck in the current. Rob signaled to Max and the rescue was on! Without hesitation, Max took a break from swimming around in his life jacket and quickly swam over to the drowning boy.

He was a good swimmer, so Rob knew Max was up to the task. Max allowed the young boy to take hold of his life jacket, and courageously fought the current. In no time, Max was able to bring the frightened boy back to the shore and was applauded for being a hero. This wasn’t the last time Max would take on his lifeguard duties. He also saved one of Nev’s friends!

Now Max has all the pets and treats a dog could ever want!

Images Credit: Jamie and Rob Osborn

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