Hero Dog Walker Rescues Heartbroken Pup Tied To A Tree With A Note Beside Her

Hero Dog Walker Rescues Heartbroken Pup Tied To A Tree With A Note Beside Her

When Brooklyn-based dog water Eric Maus brought Gouda and Lily, two of his clients, out on a hike on Monday through Prospect Park, he certainly didn’t expect to find a certain pit bull pup tired across near a waterfall to a tree.

Maus approached the dog slowly, looking around for any sign of the pup’s owner. But there was no one around. To his surprise, the pit bull barely moved and proved herself to be a gentle, kind sweetheart – even despite her large, chubby size.

That’s when Maus spotted something attached to some leaves on the tree. It was a note, quickly written in marker, that stated the pup’s name was Mamas and that she was 7 years old. The note also asked for someone to take her home and to not judge her by her size, for she is a sweet soul.

Maus didn’t want to leave Mamas there, as just about anyone could chance upon her and take her in this very busy park in New York City. So he decided to take a picture of the pup and post it on a Facebook page of the neighborhood. Quickly, comments filled with advice began to flood his post as he stood near the pup and waited for a solution.

Finally, someone said they would come to pick the pup up and take Mamas to a rescue called the Sean Casey Animal Rescue, which had freed up a kennel just for her. Mamas seemed nervous at first, but when they arrived at the shelter, she seemed to realize that she was safe and leaped right out of the car!

Mamas is now undergoing health checks and waiting for her mandatory stray hold time to be up, and then she’ll be ready to be adopted!

For now, though, she’s glad she’s not in that park any more, and she’s a very happy pup indeed.

Images & Feature Image Source: Eric Maus

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