Hero Officer Rescues A Neglected Pup Then Immediately Makes A Jaw Dropping Decision

Hero Officer Rescues A Neglected Pup Then Immediately Makes A Jaw Dropping Decision

When the Animal Welfare Department of the City of Albuquerque received three surrendered pups, they were surprised when the person surrendering them insisted they be put down.

They asked why, and the person explained that two of the three pups had suffered shot wounds, and the final had been badly poisoned. The three were twisted and crammed uncomfortably into one single crate, which was broken down.

One of the animal welfare officers who came around to help was Adam Hevey, and he was in absolute shock at the state of the animals. He knew that they all desperately needed help.

But out of these three one pup in particular touched him the most: one named Marzipan. She was bleeding and swollen all over, but the moment their eyes met, Hevey felt a strong connection to her.

The three pups were quickly rushed to the vet and their injuries attended to. Marzipan had, indeed, received two gunshots to the head. Her body was slowly entering shock at the time, so she needed fluids and pain medication. Thankfully, she was saved, and antibiotics were administered. She was then sedated so the wounds could be treated.

Meanwhile, Marzipan, despite her state, wanted to make friends with every other dog and staff member she met, even though she was suffering such high levels of pain. She would walk up and wag her tiny bobtail as hard as she could muster, often causing her to lose balance. The two pups who came in with her also recovered safely.

But even as Marzipan was out of the woods and healing, Hevey couldn’t get his mind off her. He would regularly step in to spend some time with her, and he started bringing her out to use the bathroom even on his off-days.

He offered to foster her when she was well enough, and as soon as he brought her home, he knew he would be keeping her. It had been love at first sight for them both!

Marzipan is still adjusting to her new life, but she clearly loves it! She’s playing, running around, and being the happy pup she was always destined to be. She has suffered some sight and hearing loss, but all in all, she’s doing fantastically with her new Dad!

Images & Feature Image Source: Adam Hevey

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