Heroes Come To Rescue Heartbroken Pups Abandoned In A Dumpster

Heroes Come To Rescue Heartbroken Pups Abandoned In A Dumpster

When a man entered tried to surrender two thin puppies to the medical clinic of San Antonio Pets Alive!, he was redirected to a no-kill shelter nearby. But just four hours after, the two puppies were found discarded in a dumpster behind a meat market.

The man who found them quickly informed the aforementioned medical clinic, and staff hurried over to pick up the puppies. Just three months old, they were clearly glad to finally be safe. They cuddled up to the medical clinic’s kennel supervisor, tails wagging excitedly.

The puppies were named Bowie and Crockett. They were thoroughly bathed due to the flea infestation on them and were given plenty of food and love, which they eagerly lapped right up. A checkup found that they had ringworm and plenty of parasite infections, and they were severely malnourished.

The two puppies seemed to have an incredibly close and beautiful bond. When Crockett didn’t feel like eating, Bowie would pick up bits of kibble and place them right next to his mouth. Crockett was found to have canine parvovirus, which is highly contagious and potentially fatal, so the two had to be separated for a little while, during which time it was obvious that they missed each other!

Now, both Bowie and Crockett are on multiple different medications, are building up their weight, and have plenty of medical treatments lined up ahead. They’ve shown themselves to be loving and energetic puppies who just want to play.

Staff are hopeful that they will make full recoveries and, eventually, will be ready for adoption!

Feature Image Source: San Antonio Pets Alive!

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