Heroes Save Heartbroken Pup Who Was Bullied And About To Be Euthanized

Heroes Save Heartbroken Pup Who Was Bullied And About To Be Euthanized

Sherman the pit bull mix was in a less-than-ideal living situation. The 6-year-old pup lived with a fellow male dog, and they were both unneutered and getting into a lot of fights, with Sherman always barely escaping with bad scarring to show for it.

But Sherman’s then-parent didn’t do the responsible thing by neutering him. Instead, she surrendered him to a Chicago animal shelter. She also authorized Sherman’s euthanasia, allowing it to happen on that very day.

One of the Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program (CRISP)’s lead volunteers, Sarah Lauch, didn’t want Sherman’s life to end so horribly without even getting another chance. So she and some other volunteers desperately tried to negotiate with the animal control head to get additional time to try and save him.

Another CRISP volunteer named Margaret Fraser was in tears when she learned what was going to happen to him. Sherman, realizing she was upset, kept trying to comfort her, showing how sweet and loving he would be in a forever home. Fraser, Lauch, and some other volunteers were able to persuade the shelter to allow them to find Sherman a spot at a rescue group.

The problem now was finding that group, especially since many were full or wouldn’t take in a pit bull.

Sherman had to stay in the busy shelter as volunteers tried to find him a safe rescue organization, and he quickly became sick. In two weeks, he became an urgent case and was, once again, on death row because of how ill he was.

But, finally, just in time, a new rescue group known simply as Incredi-Bull Rescue agreed to take the pup in and find him a foster home. Sherman was so eager to finally leave the shelter, and he was placed in a temporary home with foster Mom Emma Lynch.

So far, Sherman is doing well! He enjoys walks but loves the sofa even more, and he’s proven himself to be an amazingly strong-willed and loving pup. Someday soon, he’ll be able to find a forever family – but until then, he’s happy to be a couch potato in his foster home!

Images & Feature Image Source: Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program

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