Hi, My Name Is Venus, And I’m Your New Dog

Hi, My Name Is Venus, And I’m Your New Dog

Usually, dog parents are the ones that rescue or adopt dogs, but Venus was the one who picked her family.

It all started when her mom, Marcy Merritt, was out on a walk with her other dogs. She was minding her business and enjoying the quiet when she noticed a stray dog following them. Though she was nervous at first, she quickly learned that Venus was the sweetest dog ever.

While petting her, Venus became full of life and stuck by the family for the rest of her walk. It was as if she was saying, “Hi, my name is Venus, and I’m your new dog.” Her mom already had two dogs and two cats at home, along with three foster dogs. That meant her plate was full, but she always had room in her heart for another dog.

Marcy wondered about how long Venus had been at that park. Was she scoping out families that day? It didn’t matter, because she made a perfect choice. Venus ran ahead and even found the car. When she opened it up for her family, she jumped right in with them! It was as if she was right at home. They all looked quite comfortable and happy together.

She drove home and Venus made herself right at home. She later took her to be scanned for a microchip which is how they found out that she was Venus. It turned out she had previous parents, but her step to finding them proved to be futile. She took all the legal steps and eventually became her foster mom.

Venus is happy to be there, but she had already begun receiving applications from other families. This means that eventually, she will have to find a forever home. Till then, she is happy she met Venus and is glad she took a walk that day.

Images source: Marcy Merritt

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